The Bakery

Time is the key to great bread in our book, allowing flavours and textures to develop naturally.

All of our sourdoughs and yeasted bread and pastries are long fermented over multiple days.

We believe bread should be honest, simple and satisfying.

Our bread menu changes throughout the week, and the seasons, but we have some old faithful that fill our shelves each day.
Our daily breads include
White Peak, Millstone, Seeded Millstone, Sesame Linseed & Sunflower, Dark Peak, Baguette / Batard, Ciabatta.

As with our bread, we strive to make our pastry selection innovative, seasonal and inviting.

We take as much care and attention with our patisserie. All fillings, jams and pastry are made from scratch by our talented chefs. We visit the local markets to buy seasonal fruit, as well as taking inspiration from many European patisserie traditions.

Looking for baked goods for a special event? We provide pastries and bread for weddings, corporate events, markets and meetings.
Get in touch by emailing and we’ll see what we can do.Save