Welcome to Forge

Since November 2012, we’ve been baking for the people of Sheffield and beyond.

Our bakers, chefs and baristas make everything from scratch – meaning we know exactly what’s in it. No improvers, no additives.

From small bakery, to bigger premises, to opening a cafe – our story has been one of growth. As demand has risen, so have we, filling our shelves everyday with exceptional bread and pastry, all made in house.

We like to make things slowly, for flavours and textures to develop in our bread that only time allows.
Freshly baked bread is a universal pleasure that we love to share. Our bread classes will teach you how to bring the bakery into your kitchen, learning to bake different breads and pasteries with our founder Martha.
We take our time, working with good ingredients. This is local, made for you, by us.

Keep an eye out for our Dine at Home evenings, Afternoon Tea weekends, and more!

We do our best to minimise waste. Yesterday’s bread is perfect for toasting and is half-price, anything we can’t sell goes to pigs across the city, including at both Heeley City Farm and Whirlowhall – we never throw any of it away.

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