Pay Kindness Forward

Our customers have been paying kindness forward with our suspended food scheme since 2018. But with COVID-19 exacerbating issues of food poverty, we have updated our scheme to reach more people.


Whether you are making a purchase in store or online, you can choose to add an extra payment to your order, a donation to the scheme. The money you have donated allows someone local who can’t afford to pay to still access the food they need. You don’t even need to make a purchase to donate!

By donating to the scheme you are supporting your community twice. Firstly in making a purchase from an independent business, and secondly supporting a local person during a difficult time


There are now two ways access the scheme.

You can visit the bakery between 9-3pm, Tuesday to Sunday, and choose anything from our shelves or take away menu for free. Just ask to use the pay kindness forward scheme. We don’t judge your eligibility to use the scheme and don’t ask questions. Please be confident to select whatever you need and enjoy your visit.


We are very happy to now offer free kids lunches, available to pre-order on our webshop for collection. Each lunch contains a sandwich, a carton of juice, a small brownie and a pot of dried fruit.

Should you also need other supplies for free, please ask at the bakery counter when you collect the lunch.

We understand that some people might not have transport to collect the meal. A Group Delivery option can be set up if there are multiple households in your area who would all benefit from receiving a free kids lunch. Each household orders seperately, then we deliver all the orders to a single address (a group co-ordinator). The lunches are then distributed by the Group Co-ordinator. To receive delivery a minimum of 6 lunches should be ordered per group. To read more about group delivery please read our information sheet. Ignore the section about minimum value of orders, this is for other groups.

To apply for Group Delivery, please complete this form.

Our current delivery schedule is:

  • Thursday: S2 / S3 / S7 / S8 / S12 / S14
  • Friday: S10 / S11
  • Saturday: S7 / S17 / S18

Orders will be delivered between 10am-12pm each day.

Our deliveries are contactless. We will knock and leave your order on your doorstep. If no-one comes to the door we will call using the contact number provided, but must leave the order. We are unable to re-deliver.