We are reaching out to customers and bread fans worldwide to help us raise £25,000 to build extra capacity for our independent artisan bakery and cafe.


For the past 11 months we have been selling our wares at Sheffield Train Station each Friday afternoon. This was a foray into a new location and customer base, the first of its kind in Sheffield. We are a unique service and product in a sea of large franchises run by a single corporation. The response has been overwhelming, there is obviously a demand, customers want us to be a more permanent fixture. We want to be there more often.

Our current capacity means we offer a limited range and very restricted trading hours. This campaign will expand our product range, championing locally made, quality produce, not available anywhere in the Train Station, as well as extra hours and days each week to serve more people. It’s important that everyone coming into Sheffield can enjoy what our city has to offer.

At our home on Abbeydale Road, extra capacity means finally saying YES to large orders. We are currently swamped with our daily production, spelling disappointment for so many looking to include us in their special occasions. This project will also allow better planning for seasonal rushes and busy days, stopping our shelves running dry so quickly, serving more customers each day of the week.

This is where you come in. We need your help to develop the last bit of no. 302, our little back yard. Adjacent to our pastry section, (an old scooter garage affectionately known as “The Cave”), is enough space to build a temperature-controlled prep room, dry store and walk in chiller and freezer. A dedicated space will allow our talented staff to be more creative both in process and product, rather than working within the limitations of a small kitchen.

Your pledge will pay local tradespeople to complete the groundwork, electrics and installation of the cold rooms at our leased premises. This is an essential project to ensure we can serve more people, more often, in a sustainable way.

A successful campaign means opportunities for further job creation and will keep us at the heart of the community that has been so supportive of us from the very beginning. We want to stay in this neighbourhood and continue to grow in the footprint we have, rather than move elsewhere.

In exchange for your generosity we’ve got a wicked list of rewards for all budgets, ranging from limited edition merch to private dinner parties. You can even design your own flavour doughnut! We also want to give backers the opportunity to pay their generosity forward to the community, either through our Suspended Food Scheme or a charity brunch club, where we will take our pastry and coffee service to a charity or a good cause of their choice.

Over the past 7 years we have been completely humbled by the support of our incredible customers. You come and try everything we do, support our events and know our staff by name. Your enjoyment of our collective hard work makes us so happy. We hope you will now be able to continue that support by backing this campaign to push us into the future.

302 Abbeydale Rd,
S7 1FL