There aren’t many things better than buying freshly baked bread, except making a loaf your self. Baking bread at home doesn’t have to be daunting or time consuming – there are plenty of ways you can fit it into your everyday life. Our baking courses will teach you everything you need to know to create your own doughy masterpieces at home.

Our Courses

We currently run three courses: Introduction to Bread Making, Introduction to Sourdough, and French Baking. The courses are taught by baker and founder, Martha. Her studies at the School of Artisan Food, experience setting up and running the bakery and now running classes since January 2015 equip her perfectly for the sessions.

Class sizes are small, deliberately limited to 8 people. This allows for as much individual attention as possible alongside group teaching. The day is an open conversation, relaxed and informal, that will send you home eager to continue baking – and with an armful of goodies!

The days are fully catered for, we’ll provide breakfast, lunch, and refreshments through out the day. We’ll provide all the recipes and equipment you’ll use. You just need to bring your eager selves!

Firstly – ignore the dates on this course. This giftcard can be used at any time, any year!

Maybe you’d like to treat someone to bread class but aren’t sure which course they’d like to do?

Buy an open giftcard, then the lucky someone can get in touch with us directly and choose a course. There is no expiry date on these giftcards, they can be posted to any address, or emailed if you’d prefer.

Maybe you’re a complete novice or perhaps you’ve tried your hand at a bit of bread making with erm….mixed results?

This course will take you through the baking process, exploring the importance of each ingredient and your baking environment and how they affect your dough.

This course covers a real variety of dough, from super enriched to traditional country bread. We’ll explore how these different breads develop their unique flavours and textures and the part each ingredient plays.

How to choose which French breads to make? We want them all. For this 7 hour course we’ve narrowed it down to baguettes, brioche and pain de campagne. Tres bon!

Sourdough is what we do best. Using wild yeasts and bacteria, we’ll spend the day leavening our bread the old fashioned way. People have been baking this way for thousands of years. You don’t need to have any previous baking knowledge to delve into the wonderful world of sourdough.

Learn how to create your own starter and keep it alive at home. We’ll explore how different flours affect the flavour of your starter and in turn the final loaf.