Collection/Delivery Information


You are welcome to collect an order of any size between 10am-3pm any day of the week. We need 3 days notice for all orders, our cut off days are:

  • Midnight on Friday with Monday collection
  • Midnight on Saturday for Tuesday collection
  • Midnight on Sunday for Wednesday collection/delivery
  • Midnight on Monday for Thursday collection/delivery
  • Midnight on Tuesday for Friday collection/delivery
  • Midnight on Wednesday for Saturday collection/delivery
  • Midnight on Thursday for Sunday collection

Please select a collection date from the calendar on the billing page.


We offer free delivery for orders over £30 or charge £2 for orders between £10-30 within selected postcodes. Our current delivery schedule is:

  • Wednesday: S2 / S3 / S12
  • Thursday: S7 / S8 / S14
  • Friday: S10 / S11
  • Saturday: S7 / S17 / S18

Orders will be delivered between 10am-1pm each day.

Our deliveries are contactless. We will knock and stand back from your doorstep. If no-one comes to the door we will call you, but must leave the order. We are unable to re-deliver.


Group deliveries are multiple orders delivered to a single address – it’s neighbourhoods working together!

Your Group must be registered with us before anyone places their order – more on that below. Once the Group is registered, each household places and pays for their order separately, and each order is packed into separate, labelled bags. We deliver all the orders for your Group to the Coordinator on a specific day, then that household arranges collection/distribution to the rest of their Group.

There is no minimum value for single orders, but the total Group order must be £30 or more for free dlivery. This means that someone who only needs one loaf can benefi t from delivery as well as households ordering a larger range of products. This is a way for you to support the more vulnerable people in your area by receiving and distributing orders for them. If the total of your group orders is under £30, we will contact the group coordinator to arrange a paid for delivery (£2) or a collection.

It is essential that every household not only input the correct coupon, but select the correct date on the calendar. Orders placed on the incorrect date or without the coupon will not be delivered, they must instead be collected from the bakery. Download this helpful information sheet to distribute to your group.

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