Mr Potato Bread


A white sourdough with hefty chunks of roasted potato, rosemary and nigella seeds. Dunk it in your soup or stew.

Availability/Wed, Thu, Fri, Sun Sourdough/Yes Ingredients
Organic white wheat flour, water, salt, roast potato, dried rosemary, nigella
Weight/400g Grain/Wheat
Perfect with/Soups and stews

...Why Not Try...

  • A staple since day one. Our creamy white sourdough, made with a blend of flours including Yorkshire Organic Millers’ own stoneground.

    £2.10 / £3.40

  • A blend of white, wholemeal & rye flours give this sourdough the flavour of a wholemeal loaf with a texture closer to a white.

    £2.10 / £3.40

  • The rye flour and malted grains in this little sourdough loaf add a heartier and slightly denser texture to it’s wheaty friends.